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Jen Lucescu

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Jen is a trauma-informed TCM Practitioner that has been studying meditation, movement and medicine for more than 20 years. Currently offering Acupuncture, Qigong Therapy, Daoist Tea Ceremony and Healing Retreats in the Orangeville/Mono area, she works intuitively with the elements and nature to bring the body/mind/spirit into balance and activate the innate healing capacity within each of her clients so that they can meet life with an open heart.


Jen will be talking about the brilliant, built-in defence systems that our bodies use to support us while we are trying to change & grow. Sometimes in these transitions, our bodies go into survival mode and push difficult emotions and experiences into the periphery to protect us, creating blockages that can result in chronic issues.  Join Jen to discover more about this process and experience some simple embodied Qigong techniques we can use to safely open up, move through resistance and align into the flow of life to gain energy and authenticity. 

Danielle Makawy

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Meet Danielle, a caring Early Childhood Educator, dedicated Mom and Wife, who has expanded her expertise to become a Breath and Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide. Danielle helps people learn how to control their breathing to calm their nerves, get out of their heads, and change their state of mind. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed or seeking a fresh perspective, Danielle's practical approach will guide you towards inner peace and mental clarity.



Danielle will be teaching us about the benefits of using the breath intentionally and leading us through a healing breathwork session.

Sean Kaye

Sean Kaye

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Pneuma - Spiritual DJ

In the summer of 2022 Sean decided to listen to his inner child and started to explore the craft of becoming a DJ. He has always loved how House music celebrates love and togetherness and wanted to share that in his own way.


He has been on an awakening journey since the latter part of 2020, leaving Canada for Costa Rica in October 2021 to widen his path of self discovery and truth seeking. There he learned to look deeper within and to detach from the many years of conditioned programming. He returned with a new understanding and clearer vision of his dharma - connecting to his inner child and passion for music on a deeper level.

Doris Roll


Doris is passionate about providing client-centred care for individuals living with persistent physical and mental-emotional pain.  A practitioner and student of yoga for over two decades, she is also a dedicated teacher.  Her interests and studies lie in the field of Yoga Therapy and Pain Management.  With her clients and through her own lived experience she has seen how various multifaceted yoga practices including slow, mindful movement, targeted breathing exercises and various meditation techniques can help individuals re-embody, ground, and successfully counter the negative effects of stress and dis-ease and promote physical and mental health and well-being.



Join Doris for a mindful movement practice and experience for yourself how you can begin to change your physical/mental-emotional pain.

Healer's Panel

Discovering your Spiritual Toolbox

Join three local healers - Nat Kipling (osteopath, energy healer, craniosacral therapist), Amie Edmonds (reiki practitioner, animal communicator) and Carley Johnson (energy healer, mindset coach, mentor) as they talk about how they got started, how they navigated their own dark nights, and created kick-ass toolboxes that helps them better understand how to live a life led by love.


Nat Kipling

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Amie Edmonds

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Carley Johnson

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